Pan-European TV campaign for NetBet Sportsbook

Wolf was the second of our film parody commercials for International Sports-book operator NetBet. Following the success of the “Barry Met Ally” TV commercial, the client was subsequently keen that we should tackle their favourite film which was, The Wolf of Wall Street.

The challenge was to create something, that, while immediately recognisable to film fans, would, in addition, also make sense in the context of an advert for a Sports Betting Company. The Commercial also had to work across multiple territories and in multiple languages.


Lacking the budget of a Martin Scorsese Movie, we shot in a studio in Manchester, mimicking but not replicating the office environment from the film, as a mixture of built set and CGI.

A cast of 32 extras, were multiplied in post to give the impression of an office of 150 plus.

Regulatory requirements meant that different territories required slightly different environments. While the office location from the original film worked perfectly well across most territories, regulatory guidelines meant we needed to change the location to a Library for the UK iterations. This involved creating CGI library stacks and signage and seamlessly inserting them into the live action.

The commercial was shot on RED, at 4K, in a single day with a week to composite the SFX, and two days to dub, final edit, grade and master.

The spot was written and produced in-house, with directing duties falling to Dice London’s Head of Content, Keith Duddy.

As a company, Dice London is able to manage every aspect of the process. We  devise the concepts and produce storyboards. From the  storyboard we move to final script which we submit for regulatory approval. Once cleared we undertake production and then move into edit and SFX. Once complete we undertake final clearance then move to final master production and re-versioning into multiple languages. We really are a one-stop shop which means that clients get to see more budget spent on screen.

NetBet TV Advert French Endboard


Year: 2016
Categories: TV Commercial

Art Direction